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Write A Revenue Stream

Don't Just Write A Book, Write A Revenue Stream

The Publishing Industry Isn't What It Used To Be

You may have heard stories of authors hitting it big and getting millions in royalties. The challenge you face is this - over the past few years the publishing industry has fundamentally changed, making those stories, while true, no longer relevant.

Today, if you want a publisher, there are fewer small options to go to. And the publishers that are out there expect you to have an email list with over 200,000 contacts.


Publishing is a game of numbers.

Ask any publisher and they'll tell you they believe 10% of people marketed to will buy books. What they won't tell you is it doesn't pay for them to print less than 25,000 books. That means you need to bring to the table a great book AND a huge list of people you can sell it to.

And Even With a Publisher You May Never See A Dime

We know one author who writes two books per year for his publisher. They're published in multiple language, and sold across the globe.

How many royalty checks do you think he's received over the past six years?


Though he was told he'd be making royalties AFTER the book was profitable, he was never told what "profitable" means, nor has he ever received a royalty check.

But Don't Publishers Help You Market And Sell Your Book?

Not In Our Experience.

In 2015, Robert authored the Python Business Intelligence Cookbook, which was published by Packt Publishing, a well-known technical book publisher.

Towards the end of the project, the Packt project manager asked him, "So what's your plan to market the book?"

His reaction was what you probably guessed: "What? Aren't you going to market the book?!"

While Packt did send an email to their current customers and list the book for sale, Robert had to do 99% of the marketing.

It Gets Worse - Some People PAY Publishers to Publish Their Book

We've been told by authors how they've paid a publisher $1500 to publish their book, and that once their book made a certain number of sales, they'd receive a royalty.

For most, that day never comes.

To make it worse, if they want to regain the rights to their book to self-publish, they have to buy them back!

But What About Getting Into Book Stores?

Another little known fact is book stores typically take a 55% cut of the book sale. And your book has a 3-week shelf life. If your book doesn't hit certain internal targets within the first three weeks, it's out!

How do (the every dwindling number of) book stores keep books on their shelves? Most are written by popular authors or have done well somewhere in their system.

So Is Self-Publishing The Best Way To Go?

Yes and no...

The average self-publishing author sells less than 100 books.

Let's say your book is black and white, 184 pages long, and retails for $8.99. When you self-publish through Amazon you'll receive a 26% royalty. And Amazon is very generous compared to most.

If you sell 100 books and receive a royalty of $2.34 per book, you'll make a total of $234.

While that will pay for a Starbucks addiction for a month, it's hardly enough to make a living.

And how long did it take you to write that book? For some it can take a year or more.

Instead of Writing A Book, You Need To Write A Revenue Stream

What you need is a solid strategy for making money not from your book but BECAUSE of your book.

That means using your book to get paid for:

  • Speaking
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Seminars
  • Products
  • And more...

To do that, you need to craft your book in such a way that it becomes the launching point for your business.

What can happen when you do?

A lot more than you think...

Three Millionaire Authors You've Never Heard Of

Ron LeGrand
Ron LeGrand

Ron LeGrand was a dead broke auto mechanic who made millions in real estate. In 2004, he published How to Be a Quick Turn Real Estate Millionaire, based on his experience. He parlayed that book into a mountain of home study products, has written millions of words in print, and spoken to audiences as small as 20 and as large as 20,000 in hotel meeting rooms and coliseums all across North America.

John Tschohl
John Tschohl

John Tschohl published his first book in 1991, and went on to write seven best selling books. He used his books to launch a consulting, training, and speaking business which helped him be featured on major television shows from Good Morning America, CNBC and PBS to USA Today’s cover story, newspapers, radio stations, and magazines from almost every corner of the world.

James Malinchak
James Malinchak

James Malinchak published Teenagers Tips for Success in 1998. Since then he's built a multi-million dollar empire consisting of coaching programs and paid speaking engagements. He's also been featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, Secret Millionaire, co-authored the best-selling book, Chicken Soup for the College Soul, and twice been named "College Speaker of the Year."

They All Made Their Money BECAUSE Of Their Books - And You Can Too!

Introducing Write A Revenue Stream

Write a Revenue Stream is a 12-week, hands-on group coaching program where you will be guided through:

Developing your market

Knowing where they are

Figuring out what they want

Understanding what messages they'll take action on

Working along side five others, you will:

Develop a niche market that spends money

Create multiple revenue streams

Design a strategy that works for you

Dramatically expand your reach

Have all the clients you've ever wanted

Become a rich author

Meet Your Hosts at Write A Revenue Stream

Lauri Flaquer, Founder at Saltars Business On The Beach

Lauri Flaquer

With more than three decades of global entrepreneurial marketing and business experience, Lauri has been utilizing her own focused branding methodology to help her clients reach success beyond their wildest dreams. Together with international trainers, Lauri hosts Business on the Beach, a business retreat held in some of the world’s most beautiful locations.

Lauri also co-authored the book, Ready, Set, SOAR! 77 Super Flying Fun Tips to Make Your Business ZOOM, and is currently producing/hosting Focus Forward, her own TV show geared towards helping entrepreneurs reach a higher level of success.

More than 50% of the books that I've marketed or promoted reached bestseller status and some became international bestsellers. All the authors I worked with made money from their books.

Robert Dempsey, Executive Coach and Serial Entrepreneur

Robert W. Dempsey

Over the course of his career, Robert has gone from being an entrepreneur at 23 to leadership positions in four corporations and back once again to forging his own path. He has developed and sold online applications, consulted to Fortune 500 and Inc. 500 companies, authored a book on Python development, and spoken nationally and internationally on software development and agile project management. Robert is currently an executive coach, as well as the co-founder of three companies: Awesome To The Core, JackESL and FusionCell.ai.

Our Personal Results

Lauri: As a result of publishing Ready, Set, SOAR!, Lauri was paid $3,000 for a single speaking engagement. She's also made tens of thousands of dollars with her numerous programs and business seminars.

Robert: While he's made $2184.29 directly from Python Business Intelligence Cookbook since it was published in 2015, Robert has earned tens of thousands of dollars in consulting, teaching, and speaking engagements.

We've also helped many clients become best selling authors, speakers and coaches. As an example, Lauri helped one client turn a $2,000 speaking engagement into a $9,000 deal with a single phone call.

Results We've Achieved For Our Clients

Regina Barr
Regina Barr

"Since I got home from the retreat with Lauri, I have grown my business and made more forward momentum in my business in the last 60 days than I have in the past four years. The mastermind group really helped propel my success, knowing I have the support of other likeminded men and women."

- Regina Barr, Founder and CEO of Red Ladder, Inc

Matt Weickert
Matt Weickert

"From articulating and visualizing goals to actually getting a website out there with an effective service offering, Robert encouraged me and held me accountable every step of the way. I went from unsure and afraid of putting myself out there to having a clear goal and traction in the right direction. Through his assistance, I feel empowered and equipped to live the life of my dreams by unlocking my full potential."

- Matt Weickert

What's My Investment?

Consider this: How much time have you already spent wading through "free" materials on the Internet, reading books about publishing, and thinking about your book idea? Or have you already got a book but are that "average" self-publisher who's only sold a handful of copies? What has it cost you in terms of time? Money? Self-esteem? Happiness?

Write A Revenue Stream Mastermind

12, live group coaching calls where you'll get Lauri and Rob's latest teachings and have an opportunity to work with them on the call

A Facebook group for support during the mastermind program.

Weekly activities to help develop your market, know what they want, where they are, and how to reach them.

Success boosters through the week to enhance the activities and help speed your success.

Plus you will receive the 'Jumpstart Your Revenue' program worth $997 when you register before August 31st:

Bonus 1: Ready, Set Launch: Create a Brand With Buoyancy

Create a Brand With Buoyancy

Inside you'll find concepts and insider information about branding and what it can do for you and your company, will prove useful to you. This information will help you make the vital decisions for creating a solid brand.

Bonus 2: Write a Revenue Stream Live Training

Lauri Flaquer Speaking

A recording of the Write a Revenue Stream live training Lauri gave to a group of 63 coaches and entrepreneurs. This is the perfect complement to what you'll be learning and doing inside of the program.

Bonus 3: The Entrepreneur's Personal Epiphany System

The Entrepreneur's Personal Epiphany System

The Entrepreneur's Personal Epiphany System, a collection of three powerful techniques which will help you get in touch with your life purpose, and ensure you're pursuing the right goals.

Two Ways to Buy The Mastermind:




EARLY BIRD: 1 payment of $3995 until August 31st. Paid in full on date of purchase.



3 payments of $1665, totaling $4995. First payment will be drafted immediately, then you'll be drafted on the date of purchase for the following 2 months.

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