Understand Your Scale of Impact

There are four levels of content, each with a different level of impact on your audience. Do you know which is the most powerful type of content? Find out in this video.

When it comes to personal branding, you gotta understand your scale of impact.

So what do I mean when I say your scale of impact? What I mean is the level of impact, the number of people that you can have the greatest impact, the greatest effect on with the content that you produce.

At the top of this ladder is live. Live is the most important because you can convey the most of your personality, who you are, and how you are, to people. And not only that, they can interact with you. So instead of a pre-recorded thing like you are watching now, where you can’t talk to me at all, anything live where you can talk to me and get that feedback is the best. You have the most impact possible when you do anything live.

What does that look like? Could be live events that you hold, workshops, could be webinars, Facebook Live events, live YouTube streams, or Google Hangouts, Zoom calls, whatever. Anything where someone can interact with you and they can see you. So not just you talking behind a slide deck, but you being on camera, interacting with people. You will always have the greatest impact with that. So that’s number one: live.

The next level is video. Something like you see here, prerecorded. A lot of my personality and who I am, how I am, definitely comes across in this way. Not as impactful as live, but definitely high up there on the scale.

Number three is images. You may have heard the cliche an image is worth a thousand words. That is very true. You can convey a lot of feeling a lot of meaning, with images and image content.

And then finally, at the bottom of this list are plain words. Words can be in either audio format, or written format. They will have the least scale of impact, the least amount of impact on your audience.

So if you can do live, anything live, that’s number one, video number two, image content number three, and finally words, number four. If it has to come down to words, use that. So I highly suggest you start trying to do more and more live video as much as humanly possible. If you can’t do it because of schedule, completely understand. Go then to your number two, which is video.

So there you go.

Understanding your scale of impact: number one is live, number two is video, number three is image content, and number four is words, audio or written. So go out there, do some more live events, do some more videos, have a great time.

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