Turn Your Goals Into Reality

Learn to turn your goals into reality with a technique used by top performers throughout the world.

I am sharing tips on avoiding burn-out and maintaining clarity while building your business. Today is day six and I’m here with tip six for doing exactly that.

Yesterday we talked about two techniques you can use to release the brakes and help propel yourself to success in your business. Those techniques were affirmations and the mirror exercise. Affirmations are great, they definitely work. And as a reminder, affirmations are speaking about your goals as if they are already finished. Instead of talking about them in the future tense with the date and time in which they will be done, which is how you want to write your goals, you are stating them in the present tense as if they are already done.

For today’s tip we are going to take that up a level and talk about visualization. Visualization is something that has been used by athletes and other top-performers for decades.

Part One: Create the Visual Image In Your Mind

What you do is create a visual image in your mind as if your goals have already been completed. As an example of a way to do this, you could take a seat in your favorite chair, speak your affirmation either out-loud or in your mind.

Continuing with the example from yesterday, you might say, “I’m so happy and grateful now that I have a net income of $500,000.” You close your eyes and create the visual image of what it would mean to have a half a million dollars. That might entail having a certain house that you have been looking at, or a car, or maybe a certain job. Or maybe it means other things to you, for instance, going on vacations with your family or loved ones, being able to travel, have excellent meals, going on a cruise.

Whatever it means to you or whatever indicates to you that you have achieved that, you’ve gotten that half a million dollars of net income, that is what you want to visualize. That’s part one, creating the visual image.

Part Two: Feel the Feelings

The second part is feeling the feelings as if that thing has already been completed.

So what does it feel like to have a half a million dollars in net income? Does it feel like you’re free, you’re out of debt so you’re very relaxed, you’re not so worried about where the next paycheck is gonna come from, you’re excited because you can go to the mall and pick up that watch or that outfit or maybe go buy that car that you’ve been having your eye on for a long time? What does that feel like? So when you have that image in your mind, what are the feelings that come along with that? That is visualization. Very short explanation, very easy explanation, very easy thing to do, but a very, very powerful technique when you practice it consistently, day in and day out.

How To Incorporate Visualization Into Your Morning Routine

Along with this I’m going to suggest a bit of a morning routine to you. This is what I do in the morning. I’ll skip what I do exactly after I wake up and get right to the meditation portion. What I will do is, after I do all of my morning kind of mise en place, my preparation for the day, I will sit down and I will meditate for 30 minutes.

Typically, before my mediation, I will state my goals in the form of an affirmation: “I am so happy and grateful now that I <fill in the blank>”, then I state my goal. And then I just take a moment to visualize, bring to mind, what that looks like, what indicates to me that I have achieved that goal.

Along with that imagery, just naturally come the feelings that come along with that. You can’t really help but have feelings, in fact neuroscience has proven that emotions are triggered by thoughts. When we are visualizing things in our mind, those are nothing but thoughts that then trigger emotions.

One of the things I will tell you with this also is that if, from day to day, the image in your mind changes, don’t worry about that, that’s okay. As you’re going through life, as you’re experiencing new things, what it means, that visual image for you of any one of your goals, can and probably will change. If that happens, it’s totally cool, just go with it and then feel the feelings that come along with that visualization.

Have You Used Visualization?

That’s it for me today. I’m really curious if you’ve ever used visualization or the technique that we talked about yesterday, affirmations, so let me know in the comments. I’m really curious to hear about it.

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