Transform Your Business With the Hong Kong Hustle

How badly do you want a customer?

For one of my businesses, JackESL, my family and I traveled to China. Our purpose was to gain first-hand experience of the Chinese culture in order to better understand the market, and what we were getting ourselves into. Since we were already in the area, we spent a few days in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Skyline

While there we did a little shopping, and it was during this time I noticed something interesting. Some stores were very busy while others were not.

What was the difference?

The busy stores had employees bringing people into them, while employees in the slow stores sat back and waited for people to come in.

The proactive employees didn’t press you if you weren’t interested. They would tell you what they were selling and let you know about their discounts. If you kept walking they simply moved on to the next person who came by.

There’s a number of lessons here for all of us.

First, if you want your business to be busy, you have to step outside and bring people in. Tell them about what you’re selling. Make the offer.

Second, if the person you’re speaking with doesn’t want what you’re offering fine, move on to the next person. There’s no need to spend time attempting to convince someone into buying what you’re selling. They may not be in the market or have enough of a need at the time. There’s no reason to spend more time with them. Move on.

I’ve seen what I am calling the “Hong Kong Hustle” in Hong Kong and every city we’ve visited in China.

How do you complete in a country with 1.5 billion people?!


Remember though, life isn’t about hustling 24×7. Even in China people take breaks.

But when they are working, they’re 100% on.

They bring you in, up-sell you on the deals, and help you with 100% effort. If you don’t want what they have they simply move on to the next person.

Try the Hong Kong hustle for yourself for the next 30 days and see how it transforms your business.

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