Creating a Location-Independent Income

There are four things you need to put into place before you dig into the “how” of building your business, especially if you want a location-independent income. Find out what they are in this video.

Today I want to talk about creating an income that is independent of your location.

The reason that I’m going to talk about this is because I’ve recently had a friend of mine emailing me about different lead generation programs and course development programs. When I asked her why she was asking me about all this, she said that she wanted to create a business that allowed her to live in two different places, because she splits time between two different places.

The advice I gave her, and the advice I’ll give you, and the advice that I give all of my clients who I help actually do this is this, and it’s in four parts.

Part one is there’s a lot of strategies to make money. A lot of these strategies are sold online. You can find all sorts of courses on how to develop courses or become a paid blogger or find sponsors. All of that information is available online. I’ve also found, though, through my 18 years of entrepreneurship, that for any given business there are as many business models as there are people. In fact, when doing the competitive research for one of the businesses I’m creating – JackESL – I found every business model that my team and I could think of. It’s already out there.

How to pick the right one is the key.

How do you know if a certain business model is right for you? That takes introspection. It takes something that is not sold on the internet.

Now, there are courses you can take to get this. We produce courses to help you with this. But it’s something that, frankly, is just going take you some time to sit down and figure out. And, that is this.

First off, you really have to understand who you are. Who are you at the core? What value do you provide?

Next you need to figure out what you’re good at. Everyone has skills, everyone has skills. You have skills, everyone has skills. So, what are you really good at?

Then what do you really want to do? What do you most enjoy doing? You might have a lot of skills, however, some of them you don’t actually enjoy doing whatsoever. So, what do you most enjoy doing?

Finally, who do want to work with? Not just who can you give value to, but who do you really wanna work with? Because you can’t work with everybody on Earth, and you probably don’t want to work with every type of person known to man. I’m sure there are certain groups of people you most want to work with.

When you are working with people who you really want to work with, you are going to wake up excited every day because you’re doing what you love, and you’re doing what you love with the people that you enjoy doing it with.

Once you have all of that in place, then you search for a business model that fits that. You then search for the how to do that.

A lot of us start off with the how. Maybe that’s you. I know I did that for a number of years spinning my wheels, spinning, just like in a giant pit of quicksand unable to move forward and no one to pull me out. That’s the kind of stuff that you can get caught up in when you first focus on the how instead of who you are, what you are good at, what you really want to do, and who you really want to do it for. Focus on those then go after the how.

That is the key to being successful.

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