Accelerate the Speed of Your Business Without Burning Out

How do you accelerate the progress of your business and maintain clarity without burning out?

You’ve got to release the brakes!

I am sharing tips on how to avoid burnout and maintain clarity while building your business. This is tip five.

So far we have discussed taking 100% responsibility, deciding what you want, unleashing the power of goal setting and believing it’s possible. When you have done all of that, then there are some things that you can do to release the brakes, meaning stop stopping yourself from moving forward as quickly as you can.

When it comes to releasing your brakes, there’s two techniques I want to share with you, the first is affirmations.

Technique One : Affirmations

Affirmations are different than goals in the sense that goals are written and spoken in the future tense, meaning I will have a half a million dollars by this date and this time. That’s a goal, an affirmation is something that you state in the present tense.

The typical format for an affirmation is…

“I am so happy and grateful, now that I <fill in the blank>.”

Then you state your goal but again, in the present tense.

Using the half a million dollars a year example, the affirmation version of that would be, “I am so happy and grateful that I now have half a million dollars.” Again, with this, you aren’t stating the date and the time because you say it as if it’s already come to pass.

Affirmations are a very powerful way to release the brakes. I will tell you that when you start using affirmations, you might not fully believe it. It might be very difficult, actually, for you to feel that what you’re saying is true. For instance, if you’re currently making $100,000 and you say I’m so happy and grateful now that I have a net income of $500,000, that might be a pretty far gap for you and difficult to actually feel that it is true. But don’t worry, the point is that you just keep affirming it to yourself and feeling the feelings as if you already had that half a million dollars.

Technique Two: The Mirror Exercise

One other exercise that I really enjoy that goes with this, that is probably gonna weird you out when I say it, although I have talked about it before, is the mirror exercise. The mirror exercises is this – before you go to bed, you look at yourself in the mirror and you state your name. For me I say, “Hi Rob.” Then I say, “I want to acknowledge you for all the good things you did today.” Then I list all of the things that I did really well that day.

It could be anything. It could be something very small, such as, “I didn’t blow up at someone I really wanted to”, “I was patient today”, “I got my rule of five completed today.” It could be anything. What you want to do is think of as many things as possible that you can acknowledge yourself for doing during that day.

The reason we do it first thing before bed is because studies have shown that whatever you put into your head for the 45 minutes previous to going to bed actually gets processed by your brain 16 times faster. So, if you’re spending the last 45 minutes before sleeping watching TV, that’s what’s gonna get processed faster. If, on the other hand, you are watching some thing educational or reading a book or affirming the good things that you have done there during the day, that is gonna get processed by your brain a lot faster.

Next, after you finish acknowledging yourself for all the good things that you have done that day, the final part is to say, “And one more thing, I love you.”

I have found that for a lot of people when they start doing the mirror exercise this can be very difficult. It can be very difficult to tell yourself “I love you” when staring at yourself in the mirror. But, that’s the mirror exercise, that’s what it’s all about.

So say “Hi”, and then you say your name, acknowledge yourself for all the good things you did at the end of the day, or during the day and then say, and one more thing, I love you.

The key to the mirror exercise is two things. First is maintaining eye contact with yourself the entire time you’re doing it. Then, secondly, again doing it before you go to bed.

What the mirror exercise does is reverse a lot of the negative self talk you have. I can guarantee you that if you do this everyday without fail, for 40 nights, your negative self talk will absolutely turn around. I found that it happened for me, many other people, many of my coaching clients found that it has happened for them, too.

Wrapping It Up

So, for tip five today, releasing the brakes, basically getting out of your way, what’s holding you back from achieving success, achieving your goals. Two techniques, affirmations and the mirror exercise. That’s it for my tip today.

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