I help executive leaders become their own CEOs, and current CEOs achieve the lives they've always wanted.

Robert W. Dempsey

I'm Robert Dempsey, an executive coach, serial entrepreneur, and co-founder of multiple businesses including JackESL and FusionCell.ai.

I know what it's like to work very hard in an organization only to hit an invisible ceiling that kept me from achieving my full potential. I also know what it's like to be CEO of a company working to bring the same passion and drive to all areas of my life as I do to my business.

This is my story. It's yours too...

Meet Andrew, a former CTO.

When I met Andrew (not his real name) he was a successful CTO, married with two children, and a growing animosity for the company he had been with for nine years. Due to a high level of travel he was away from his family more than he wanted, and had a needling feeling he had missed out on the beginning of his kids childhoods. Additionally, Andrew had been wondering for some time what it would be like to step into the CEO role, however a change in title didn't appear likely for at least a few years.

Andrew was ready to become his own CEO, it was only a matter of when.

We discretely worked together and created an exit strategy that ensured he left his job on the best of terms, and that his family was taken care of after his transition. Within the first three months Andrew knew:

  • How large his safety net needed to be, and how to create it.
  • His exit timeline.
  • What business he would build.
  • The types of clients he would serve, and how to bring them on board.
  • How to balance his work schedule, family duties, and begin to build his business.

Over the next nine months we worked together to build his company and safety net, and at month twelve Andrew resigned his position and became his own CEO.

Meet Joe, a former CFO.

Joe (also not his real name) was a CFO eager to break out of his world of financial reports and spreadsheets. After reading numerous articles in Inc. and Entrepreneur magazines and offering suggestions to improve his company, only to see none of them implemented, the little voice inside told Joe that perhaps it was time to branch out on his own. A master of numbers, he already knew how much money he needed to leave his job, and how long it would take to obtain.

Joe was ready to become his own CEO, it was only a matter of what kind of business he would create, and how best to approach it.

Within the first three months of working together, Joe and I created a strategy that included:

  • What business he would build - one that fit his unique personality and that he would enjoy.
  • What services he would offer and how much to charge.
  • The specific demographics of the customers he would offer the highest value to.
  • The marketing strategies to use to gain the attention of his ideal customers.
  • How to grow his company while working full time.

Over the next nine months we worked together to build his company and put all the moving parts into place. During month twelve Joe resigned his position and became his own CEO.

Meet Bill, a more fulfilled CEO.

Bill (no, not his real name) was exactly where he wanted to be. After a successful exit from his previous job a few years previous, he was the CEO of his own company, and it was growing. He was leading a team of top-performers, making excellent money, and becoming a sought-after speaker. To the outside world Bill had arrived, but inside, something was still missing.

Bill was looking for a way to apply the same level of passion he had for his business to the rest of his life.

Over the next twelve months Bill and I worked together to create a life where he:

  • Had clarity on what he wanted in all seven areas of his life.
  • Gained more leisure time by delegating more to his team.
  • Greatly reduced his stress around the responsibility he felt for his team and clients.
  • Traveled when and where he wanted.
  • Focused more on the activities that brought the greatest value to his business.

Today Bill has the life he always thought he would as a CEO.

Awesome To The Core is different.

We help our clients safely, securely, and discretely transition into being the CEO of their own company AND create the lives they believed they would have as a CEO.

We intimately understand the risks and rewards of creating a company while juggling personal, professional, and financial responsibilities.

That is why we have a proven, holistic process combining executive and personal development to help you achieve your personal goals.

Ready for more clarity, fulfillment, passion, challenge and significance in your life?

I have space for two clients.

To ensure each of my clients is successful, I focus my attention on a maximum of ten at a time. I currently have space for two.

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